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May 16, 2011

Njoy….Ur Life…. :-)

Beautiful life is just an imagination…..
But life is more beautiful than imagination…..
So enjoy every moment of ur life…!!!”




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May 15, 2011


I remember the day that was 29th and 30th jan 2011, inside nashik convention , i have been taken oath that i will never ever quit “ebiz”, but now “how can i?”. the very toughest situation has been created around me, the problem is not to decide what to do , because i have decided i will continue with “ebiz”, but the real problem is how to tell my previous uplines that;” i am not going to join them in new company, but i will continue with my mom i.e. ebiz ” realy ebiz is mother. afterall my words are valuable to me, i always remember my oath and i swear either i have to commit  sucide i will never leave ebiz till my death because ebiz is my life and i am sworn; “i will never ever quit ebiz” let me compare BHAGWAD GITA with eBIZ , I will write this statement in hindi but the words will be in english.

” kahte hain gita ganga se bhi bhad kar hai. shastron mein GANGA ASNAN (ganga bath) ka phal (result),bataya gaya hai. prantu ganga mein asnan karne wala swayen (self) to mukt  ho sakta hai par wo dusron ko mukt karne ka samarth nahi rakhta. kintu (but) gitarupi ganga mein gote lagane wala swayen to mukt hota hi hai, wha (he) dusron ko bhi tarane mein samarth ho jata hai. EBIZ wahi GITA hai jismen log apne jiwan ko badalte hi hain sath hi sath wo auron (others) ka bhi life badalne layak ho jate hain. ganga mein jo aakar asnan karta hai ganga kewal (only) usi ko mukt karti hai, parantu gita to ghar-ghar mein jakar mukti ka marg dikhlati hai.

GITA i.e. EBIZ  ka mahataw (importance) samjhna mere jaise manushya (human) ke liye thik waisa hi hai jaise ek sadharan pakshi ka anant (infine) aakash ka pata lagane ke lye prayatna karna.

EBIZ ko samjha nahi ja sakta balki (but) usme rah ke use feel kar ke upne active upline  and “his highness sir Dr. PAWAN MALHAN”  ko follow kar ke kamyab bana ja sakta hai.

and my dear ebizer friends i am feeling very sorry because till 6th may my confusion was not cleared about what going inside ebiz family, and that’s why i have written such type of comments, but my intension was never wrong, that time also with ebiz  bcoz i was told ebiz is our upline but now i understood the fact and iam with EBIZ and sir Dr. PAWAN MALHAN,

jai ebiz.

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May 11, 2011

Appeal to all eBIZZers

There are some unethical ex-eBIZZers, who are using several malpractices to confuse / distract / steal our existing eBIZZers. There intension is only to mislead, steal your dreams and spoil your career just to fulfill their GREED. Please do not get trapped in their malpractices. Restore / Reshape / Build your future with very strong 10 years old company Pvt. Ltd. only.

Anybody being targeted by this group is requested to write directly to Dr. Pawan Malhan, President Pvt. Ltd. at Please mention your designation, contact details along with the details of the trouble created to you and to your group Associates.

eBIZ .com Pvt. Ltd.