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April 30, 2011

This….. wasn’t my dream!!

Cars have always been a part of my dream. I had always been dreaming of having a car from my childhood days. I had just one strong vision in my mind that if I ever earn money, the first thing I would buy is a car. This dream was something that motivated me to study hard and get good grades at school.
I got this dream so early in my childhood days when I couldn’t even differentiate between two cars. When every car looked same to me, same four wheels and a familiar shape. All I wanted was a car no matter what.

As a kid, I dreamt of my father driving our car, my mom sitting next to him and we kids at the back seat with lots of eating stuff. But this never happened. My father never bought a car and my mom could never sit on the front seat with my dad. Similarly we could never sit at the back with loads of eating stuffs.
Time went by, I grew up as a good student, did well in academics and as a result got a job. Now it seemed that my dream was going to be fulfilled. But by this time, my dream had got little modifications. I wanted to drive the car and have my girlfriend sitting next to me. I worked day and night in the company as I wanted to get a car as soon as possible.
Days went by and months too and slowly years. I got married and started a family. My dream of a car was still unfulfilled when I got bigger responsibilities in my life. I had a family of my own now. During this period my father got retired and my mom left for heaven. My dream had become very weak and I hardly thought about it.
But after some years I got a promotion. Combining all my savings and the increased salary gave a new hope to my dream. The dream again got ignited.
Today, I have a Skoda Laura parked outside my house. We are going on a trip for the first time in our car. My dream of my childhood day is fulfilled. I am so happy and excited. I sit on the driving seat and put on some music. Wow… I have always been waiting for this day. I close my eyes and try to feel the moment. 

I am driving the car with the same music and my girl friend sitting next to me….. I am on the top of the world.

Suddenly someone opens the front door of the car and gets inside. The ‘bang’ sound brought me back to reality and I take a look. She isn’t my charming and cute girl friend who always held her head in my shoulder. She is a middle aged woman. The make-ups are unable to hide the wrinkles on her face. No charm in her face and not at all willing to rest her head in my shoulder.
My kids sit at the back and we set off. The music going on, a nice car and the kids cheering behind. I look at my wife but she don’t seem to be happy. Nor am I. This wasn’t my dream. I realised that I was too old to live my dream. I look at my wife and say ‘I am sorry… Its too late….’ and she gave me a fake smile and looked away.